Walled Kitchen Garden in Derbyshire

Location: Derbyshire


To restore the walled garden, which was once a working kitchen garden providing a wide range of produce for the house.

The clients wanted to use some of the area to grow fruit and vegetables and maintain the formality of a kitchen garden, as well as providing ornamental areas and seating. A cut flower bed was also requested.


As the area is vast, only small areas were allocated for vegetables, with also a fruit and nut orchard and a large cut flower bed. Against the large south facing walls are beds of predominantly perennials and grasses.

The area is centered around a simple raised pool which is suitable to sit on. At the highest part of the garden is a stone terrace, which looks across a formal sunken pool, down the garden and beyond over the surrounding Derbyshire hills. Box Topiary frames the views down the paths, as well a providing a permanent structure to the garden throughout the year.